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Teapots, Plates & Platters

There are mugs , bowls, Jugs , plates, teapots, store jars and large vessels that are the canvas for my drawings.

Mugs & Bowls

With sketchbooks filled with water colours , I returned to making tableware as a vehicle for my drawings .


I wanted the designs to reflect my watercolours .


My aim was to produce a range that had simple forms, so that my drawings had room to be seen.

Store Jars



Jugs & Butter Dishes




I've been watching Curlews on the moor near my home for some years now and joined the Curlew recovery project .

I had suspected that they bred near bye, so with the help from others I started piecing together the sightings and behaviour, bit by bit building on notes and drawings, pinpointing where the activity took place.


Broody Pots

Originally Based on drawings I made of my hens when they went Broody, they flattened themselves so much they looked like pot lids.  After that I started to look at birds on nests , this lead to the little broody pots, little birds sitting on nests .ideal for keep small items safe or for salt ect.


Large Vessels

In 2016 Svend Bayer offered to showed me how to make large vessels on which I could draw and paint. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn from a master how to make these huge pots and have him correct my early mistakes and then to be able to expand what I had been taught in order make the finished pieces.



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