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Diary images


The images I make when Im out and about walking each day, are the source of my inspiration Ive been making images of flora and fauna for as long as I can remember, and it is these images that inform my work.




Swallows in the kiln shed painted in the summer when the swallows take over

the kiln shed . Juvenile Red Backed Shrike one autumn on the marsh , while I watched

stonechats I noticed a bird I hadn’t seen with them before , It was this young red Backed shrike , it lingered on the marsh for a week or more hunting insects, storing some in its larder. each day I would go down to make drawings and record its antics





they arrive each spring and haunt the marsh with their plaintive calls. The males often sit in the same willow hunting spikey caterpillars , the females skulk hidden from view until they are ready to egg lay , watching their secretive movements is something I look forward to each spring and summer.




these dapper little birds brighten up any walks across the moor , in spring the males bright chest looks glorious set against the yellow of the gorse flowers.


Grey wagtails


these delightful birds breed under the metal bridge and when these sit to preen and sing , i love to make drawings of them.


Fieldfares at sunset


In the winter Fieldfares arrive with the Redwing, to first gorge on the haws and then feed in the fields after muck spreading. Each night before they roost the sit atop the bare branches by my workshop to soak up the last of the suns rays.


Great White Egret


Living By Colliford Lake often brings interesting Birds to see and this great white Egret was one that arrived one summer , he stalked through the remains of the drowned trees , looking very exotic.


Winter starling


Starlings have been a favourite of mine for years , I love to watch them jostle and squabble then in the evenings rush up to Rough tor to watch the Murmurations. They are rowdy, noisy ,messy and funny. Their colours are iridescent and jewel like so all in all a delight to paint.


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